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Cabin charter from Kemer/Antalya to Kekova,
a Mediterranean Voyage full of historical riches

Children from the age of 6 are allowed on this Blue Cruise

All Our Cabin Charter Itineraries

8 days/7 nights cruises
Bodrum - Gokova Gulf
(the classical route)

Bodrum - Hisaronu Gulf
Premium Class w. AC

Bodrum - Hisaronu Gulf
on DeLuxe Halis Temel

Santorini - Mykonos
on Mega Yacht B&B

Mykonos - Santorini
on Mega Yacht B&B

Bodrum - Greece
(North Dodecanese)
(on Standard-Gulets)

Bodrum - Greece
(North Dodecanese)
Premium Class with AC

Bodrum - Greece
(Rhodes & Simi Islands)
Premium Class with AC

Bodrum - Greece
(South Dodecanese)
(on Standard-Gulets)

Marmaris - Fethiye

Marmaris - Datca

Marmaris - Greece
(Rhodes & Simi Islds.)

Fethiye Gocek OluDeniz
All inclusive

Fethiye - Marmaris

Fethiye - Kekova

Antalya - Kas

4 days/3 nights cruises
Fethiye - Olympos
Olympos - Fethiye
Marmaris - Fethiye
Fethiye - Marmaris
Fethiye - 12 islands

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How the legendary Blue Cruise has started

What's a Gulet?

Wining and Dining on a Gullet


BLUECRUISE.ORG is a German-Turkish company based in Bodrum. We offer an attractive variety of gullets to suit individual needs and itineraries of our guests. All information provided is based on first-hand knowledge and our personal contact to the boat owners and their crew

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"Don't just dream about a holiday sleeping on deck, under a velvet, star filled sky, listening to the sea lap at the hull below you
...we can make it a reality for you."

Das Gökova Segelrevier

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What to bring
Travel light is our best advice to you, swimwear and T-shirts is all you will need on board in the daytime. In the evenings people dress casually, but bring sweaters and trousers if you are coming in the cooler months. It's a good idea to bring a pair of soft shoes or sandals just to use on the boat.
On board we ddo not provide towels only so please bring your own bath and beach towels. All this should be packed into a soft bag which can be folded and stowed away to give more room in your cabin, not a suitcase.
The Mediterranean sun is very bright and on a boat hotter than you think, be sure to pack sunglasses, a good sun tan lotion and a hat. If mosquitoes find you tasty then bring mosquito repellent and a camera is an absolute must.

An alternative to chartering an entire boat is to join one of our regular departures and book a cabin. You will have a chance to meet people from around the world while enjoying one of the most unique and relaxing holidays in the Turkish Aegean. You are not going with the crowd. You are on a boat that you share with some other couples, having your own crew that will be there for your needs. You may participate in sailing, have the chance to explore every little bay and on your route.

Your floating home will be 18/24 meters (55-74 feet) long, 5/8 double cabins with ensuite toilette and shower. Sailing, snorkeling, fishing, sunbathing are some of the activities on board. Breakfast, lunch & dinner will be served by your cook
more details of your boat

Suggested Airport: Antalya, Turkey
Itinerary: Antalya (Kemer); Adrasan; Myra; Gokkay;ash; Simena; Ucagiz; Finike;
Porto Genovese; Olympos; Phaselis – Kemer
due to limited mooring places in the harbour of Antalya it will be often that you will start in Kemer, you will get the information at arrival in Antalya from our Antaly partner
or on our confirmation notice.
(Antalya airport to Kemer ~ 55 km)

itinerary details
Cabin Charter general information
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From Antalya to Kas and Kekova

relaxin and sunbathing

and always time for a swim

Kalekoy - Kekova

old Lycian sarcophagus is watching
                                over the bay

rocktombs in Myra

Antalya has been open to settlements since paleoantic age. It was under the throne of prevailing Lidas in the 7th.cen.B.C. of Persians in 546b.c., of alexander in 333b.c., during the king attalos era of bergama, a new city was constructed named attelia. Antil the 4th .cen.a.d. it remained dependent to roman empire. In the 7th cen.a.d. it has been devastaded by arabian incursions. It has been invaded by seljukians in 1207a.d. the most important ruins of the city are; hadrianus gate, city walls, kesik minarete and yivli minaret mosque which is a accepted as the city symbol.
is one of the most beautiful, and longest, beaches in the Eastern Mediterranean, with 18km of deserted white sands. Nearby are the ruins of the Lycian city of the same name - a major harbour and trade centre and the sanctuary of the God Appollo. Patara is renowned as the birthplace of St Nicholas, the bishop of Myra, now known and loved in the west as Santa Claus.

Xanthos was the greatest city of ancient Lycia and suffered the gruesome fate of being destroyed several times by its inhabitants to save it from falling to attacking forces. It was less well defended against the historic looting during the 1800s, when numerous articles were shipped to the British Museum - their ownership is still under dispute. Nevertheless, the impressive ruins are still well worth a look.

Kalkan is a quiet port town built on the steep hillside leading down to the harbour. It’s very pretty, with charming, winding streets lined with old buildings, quaint shops and streetside quiet restaurants and bars. From Kalkan, it’s not far to Patara, Xanthos and Letoon, another Lycian settlement, which was named after the goddess Leto, mother of Apollo and Artemis.


The Gulf of
Kekova is one of the most picturesque stretches of the coast and has several bays and villages to explore. The charming village of Üçagiz (literally three mouths) has a few remains of the Lycian village of Teimiussa. On Kekova, there is no trace of the city which once dominated the island - its ruins and foundations can now only be seen under the surface of the clear water on the northern side of the island. On land, there is nearby Kale, a village on a steep hillside leading up to the medieval fortress and theatre of ancient Simena. The local landscape is dotted with the ruins of Lycian tombs, forts and Greek settlements.

Olympos was an important Lycian city built on the banks of the river. Its inhabitants worshipped the god of fire - on the side of Mount Olimpos are springs of continually burning methane gas.

Here is a rough guide of your week
The captain may change the route depending on the weather conditions and and time availability.
Day 1 :Guests arrive in Antalya and board the yacht in Kemer or Setur Marina. Very likely, due to limited space in Antalya, we embark mostly in Kemer. Service starts with dinner and staying the night in Kemer or Antalya.

Day 2: After breakfast on the yacht, sailing for two hours, arrival to Phaselis bay renowned for perfume trade during ancient time where three natural bays which were founded by colonists in the 7th century B.C. After lunch and rest (or swimming), arrival to Olympos antique city where had been the base of famed pirates once. After five o'clock tea and rest, leaving to Adrasan Cavus bay for dinner and overnight.

Day 3: After breakfast our yacht anchors at Demre around noon. After lunch, trip to Noel Baba church (bishop St.Nicholas) who is regarded as the protector of children, paupers and sailors. Next will be Myra Rocktombs which is about two hours to Kekova bay, best relaxing place for teatime. Overnight is here after dinner.

Day 4: After breakfast arrival to Kekova island. Kekova is facing Kale village where the sunken city is located on the north side of the island, it has been intermented in to the sea as result of an earthquake in Byzantine era.

Day 5: Our dream journey starts back to Kemer/Antalya after breakfast in one of the Kekova bays. After lunch and rest in Ucagiz bay which is the oldest Lyciana city. We will have dinner at Simena where an apmphi theatre remains that had been built for an audience of only 300 persons, constructed on the hill opposite to the Kekova island behind Kale village and it's foothill. Our yacht leaving for to stay at night in Finike harbour renowned for their orange harvest.

Day 6: Our yacht departuring from Finike marina arrives to Ceneviz bay passing a unique coast of bays. Arrival to Kemer's famous Moonlight Bay. After anchoring and lunch and here, we stay for the night in this romantic bay.

Day 7: This day is the final day of our dream journey. After departing from moonlight bay, arrival to calticak bight and sican island. After lunch and swimming at this natural beauty, arrival to last stop of our tour, antalya marina. Last dinner and overnight staying.

Day 8: After breakfast on board, the guests disembark in Kemer or Antalya Harbour

here is the enquiry form


Accomodation price
per person per week incl. fullboard

guaranteed departures Fridays & Saturdays
these are embarkation days, departure is next morning

April 12 - April 25
single occupancy

370,- Euro
592,- Euro

April 26 - May 16
Oct. 18 - Oct. 31
single occupancy

430,- Euro
688,- Euro

May 17 - June13
Sept. 27 - Oct. 17
single occupancy

570,- Euro
912,- Euro

June14- July18
Sept. 06 - Sept. 26
single occupancy

640,- Euro
1.024,- Euro

July19– September 05
single occupancy

750,- Euro
1.200,- Euro

Updated for 2024. All our prices are based on Euro.
First line: The price is for one person sharing a double cabin. All cabins have en-suite WC/shower. Single passengers who wish to have a cabin for themselves must pay the single occupancy price.
Due to limited space on these boats, and the majority of our clients do not like to be with children, there is no child discount available on any of our itineraries.
Children from the age of 6 are allowed but are counted as adults.
Pls don't bring drinks on board. Drinks and tipps are extra.
Bookings will be confirmed after a down-payment of 50%
Balance has to be paid 3 weeks before the cruise.
Prices include:
Full board accommodation, Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea/cookies, dinner
all charter and berth taxes, harbour and port fees, transit log, VAT
crew service, ship water, diesel and gasoline
bed linen and towels (small and bath towel)
Yacht insurance (we expect to bring your own individual travel insurance),
Prices do not include:
Alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages on the board bar.
This should be purchased from the bar on board.
Optional land tours, entrance fees to places of interest, flights and airport transfers.

Beach towels are not provided
Please bring your own beach towels !

here is the enquiry form

Cabin Charter - general information
All tours which are offered here take place on Standard-Yachts, the traditional Bodrum-built GULET. All yachts are between 19 - 25 meters length.

Gulet for Cabin Charter on a Blue


These vessels accommodate between 12 and 16 guests in 6 to 8 cabins. The cabins have en-suite WC & showers. (Hot & cold). There is a music set, VHF Radiotelephone and a dinghy on each yacht, but in general no air condition. (please bring your own towels. Crew consists of a captain, cook and a deckhand.
An exact yachts name can not be available until 1 or 2 days before departure, as numbers of bookings come in often late. This works well over the years like a cooperative and we advise you to give us your mobile phone that we stay in contact to give you captain's number and boat name.
The crew aboard our Gulets and yachts often do not have a foreign language mastered, but they almost always know a few "every-day" phrases and are able to understand almost all requests.
more details of your boat

Booking: 50 % of the total has to be payed before the reservation is confirmed. The balance is to be payed 3 weeks prior to the embarkation or cash on arrival day.

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